bed bug

House pests can be annoying as well as dangerous at the same time. Rodents, for example, do not only damage your sofa by gnawing the cushion and nesting in it but also bring deadly diseases, like leptospirosis. In a severe case, the disease can cause organs failure and death.

Another common house pest from insect species is cockroaches. Cockroaches infestation often occurs in the place with high moisture and minimum light. You can find them beneath your uncleaned stove, refrigerator and at the surrounding of sink pipes. House owners with cockroach infestation are at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, or salmonellosis.

Exterminating the pests at the house is very important. Read below to find out how.

Regular cleaning

cleaningDo not wait to wash the dishes. Do not clean the house unless it appears dusty enough. These twos are the habits that you must have to minimize the chance for any pests to breed at your house.

Uncleaned dishes have food remains on them, which can attract rodents and flies. Once you leave them undone overnight, you will never know what pest they have drawn.

Avoid hoarding unused stuff. That old mattress you have in the basement? Throw it off. That broken stool you have? It can invite termites, so you should get rid of it. All of your belongings that do not seem to have an apparent purpose, you should give them away to the dumpster.

pest control

Equip yourself with vacuums, sprayers, respirators, gloves, and foggers. Fog your house every three months, or more frequently if necessary, and do not forget to put the respirator and gloves on. You do not know what bugs are coming out because of the fogging. Wasps or centipedes can leave a terrible sting, so it is better to prepare than be sorry.

Call a pest control if you think you need them. Professional exterminators know which pesticides annihilate which pest. You also must not take pesticide use lightly. Wrong use and you can damage the environment.

Fix your plumbing

clean sinkLeakage in the plumbing system is mostly the source of bugs and worms infestation. You can check the plumbing of your house on your own. But when you find the damage is too much for you to handle, you should leave it to the professional plumber.

You cannot just fix everything. Sometimes, damage does not require a repair but a replacement. For example is the sink pipe seal. When the rubber seal is worn out, it will not matter how forcefully you push it to fit in the pipe to stop the water from flowing out; it is just not going to work.

Professional plumbers know best what they do. And you can always complain them if there is anything wrong with their work.

Prefer pest-resistant materials for the furniture

mousePest-resistant materials are not as difficult to get as it may sound. A glass table with metal legs is no way a breeding place for any bugs. A bed made of synthetic fabrics is also more mite-resistant than the down feather filled bed.

Leather covering is also a good way to avoid dust and dirt build up. Leather covered cushions are easy to clean, and mites are less likely to live there. But they might cost you more than if you buy cushion cover with regular fabrics.

AntsNevertheless, no furniture is pest-proof enough if you are too lazy to clean your house regularly. Therefore, you should be more active in maintaining your house and all of its interior items.