Why Unremoved Tree Stumps in Your Compound Are Dangerous

Having more trees in your compound is essential for a conducive stay. They play an indispensable role in boosting oxygen supply and creating a calm environment. Trees also keep your home protected from harsh weather conditions like strong winds. You should plant more trees to enjoy these benefits. There are several instances you may be required to carry out different maintenance practices to keep your compound in the perfect shape. This may include cutting trees and overgrown branches. It is best to remove the trees together with the stump to avert several risks.

stump removalA stump is the remaining bit of the trunk with roots. It is usually difficult to remove because some roots go deeper into the ground. You can hire a tree stump removal service that will do the work for you.

A stump grinder is one of the best tools because it can grind the stump in your compound into bits and eliminate it. They will also do the job within a short time. Carrying out several removal practices by yourself can be somewhat hectic, especially if you are using some crude tools. Unremoved tree stumps in your compound can pose several risks. They include:


The chances of getting tripped by a tree stump in your compound are usually high. This is more likely to happen at night when there is no proper vision. You will be subjected to injuries that may force you to spend a lot of money on treatments. Removing tree stumps in your compound will help you avert such dangers.

Insect Habitat

Tree stumps in your compound can form a habitat for some dangerous insects. They can be inhabited by bees, which pose a serious threat to everyone in your compound. Some stumps can also be hiding ground for snakes. You should get rid of them to stay free from different risks.

Continued Growth

At times, the tree youtree stump wanted to eliminate completely may start growing again from the stump. This will bring a sight you don’t like in your compound. The best way to prevent this is by carrying out stump removal. Look for the best company to ensure some quality work is done in your home.