The Best Pizza Cutter for the Occasion

Aside from pasta, a pizza is another Italian food that has become universal. Anywhere you go around the world, pizza is a favorite delicacy which has so far been recreated that it has many versions in different countries. Although each type of pizza differs from each other because of the ingredients, they are generally cooked in the same manner with the crust as base and cheese as toppings.

Indeed, pizzas can fit into any occasion, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor celebrations. For those who do not bake their own pizzas, there are home-delivery pizza stores or you can take out a box or two when you pass by a pizza parlor if you do not want to dine in. In which case, you need to have the best pizza cutter so you won’t mutilate the appearance of the pizza.

There are many brands and types of pizza cutters for you to choose from. Each has its own strengths over the others. But depending on the occasion or the venue, a pizza cutter may well be a cut above the rest.

For Home Use

pizza cutterFor sure, you have many cutting devices in your kitchen. There may be a big knife for chopping meat products and smaller knives for vegetables and you have scissors for other cutting tasks. You may have a cutting device for every purpose.

So a pizza cutter for home use need not be versatile for other purposes other than cutting pizza only. You need not buy an expensive and multi-functional pizza cutter. If you have children at home, a pizza cutter with a protective blade guard should be preferred if you do not have cabinets with locks. You can also avoid pizza cutters that look like toys. Pizza shears can replace wheel-type pizza cutters because they have handles and can be hung from your kitchen wall along with other utensils.

For the Outdoors

Pizzas are ideal for outdoor events such as picnics. A makebestpizza cutter is lightweight and is packed conveniently making it easy to carry or transport.

Because you need to pack many things that you need in the picnic like mats, utensils, and food, you may need a versatile pizza cutter particularly a Mezzaluna so you may use it in cutting other food items. But if you have to bring other cutting devices, you may need the tiniest pizza cutter so as not to add on the many things that you are going to bring. You should select a wheel-type pizza cutter with a protective blade guard to avoid wounding your hand when trying to find it in one of your bags.

pizza and sodaFor Pizza Stores

Having to bake many pizzas for customers, pizza parlors should need pizza cutters that are durable, sharp and can cut pizzas faster. A longer Mezzaluna type of pizza cutter may be the ideal cutter for busy pizza stores to cut some time in cutting pizzas, or pizza shears may be used for easier reachability and visibility because they can be hung on walls. Because pizza cutters are constanly used in these establishments, they should also be easy to clean.

You will never have the perfect slice of your pizza using a knife or a scissor. While some ingredients will all be loaded on some slices, the other slices will be empty of toppings. The cheese may also stick on your knife or scissors. Indeed, nothing beats a pizza that looks good and tastes good at the same time.