The Relevance of Drone Technology in Real Estate Marketing

The real estate sector is one that has witnessed tremendous growth over the recent years. This is as a result of increased demand for housing. Many are also venturing into this sector because of the benefits and increased returns linked to it. Real estate is considered a low-risk investment, and it is also long-term. You can try it out to enjoy the benefits.

Just like it is in any other business, you have to position yourself better in the industry to have an easy time. How you market your properties matters a lot when it comes to that. You can hire an agency that will help you out in the whole process. Making good use of the latest technology to market your property. One type you can use is a drone. These are crewless aerial vehicles fitted with cameras to capture footage from above.

You have the option of renting a drone or buying one. Buying is an ideal option, especially if you plan to be in the real estate business for an extended period. You can also rent it out to other players in the real estate market. Drone technology has played an essential role when it comes to marketing property. Here are some of its benefits.

Aerial Footage

Aerial footage proves to be very critical in real estate marketing. This is because it offers potential home buyers a clear view of a specific property. There is no need to walk around a particular area because you will have a rough idea of what to expect when buying. Potential buyers will have all the footage they need to make their purchasing decision.

Wow Factor

Drone footage also brings out the wow factor which is vital in property marketing. These crewless aerial vehicles will capture video from different angles and create something out of the ordinary. The footages captured by drones can leave many amazed and also provide the perfect view of your property. This is essential in influencing purchasing decisions.

Ideal for Digital Marketing

The digital space is one of the best places to market your items. This is because of the millions of people who have access to the internet, and posting your content online increases your reach. You can post the drone footage of your property on various online platforms to reach out to the wider audience. This will help you reach out to many and influence their buying decisions.

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Qualities that Independent Property Valuers Should Possess

Property valuation is today an integral part of the property market. Regardless of how small or big, affordable or expensive your property is, the only thing that is vital is finding the right value of your property. The value of the property will help you in making financial decisions related to the property. It is thus advisable that you are careful when evaluating the value of your property.

Independent property valuation is the best way to find a value for your property. Independent property valuations are offered by registered, certified and qualified property valuers who have completed the study in property valuation. Here are some of the qualities that such valuers need to possess.


home and coinsYou need to hire a property valuer who has some field knowledge and industry working experience. As accurate property valuation requires right comparable and the previous local sales data to compare with the subject property as well as experienced one is potent enough to find the property value independently. Property valuers Sydney are experienced and offer the best property valuation services.


Property valuer needs to be unbiased in nature. Biased valuers work either for sellers or buyers and will therefore not be able to get the right value of the property. This leads to incorrect valuation.

Real-Time Reporting

The reports that property valuers provide plays a supporting role in solving the disputes and issues related to the property. Even marital and family disputes can be settled with the property valuation report.



When hiring an independent property valuer, you must ask for the quotation first as property valuer fees vary a lot and there is no fixed cost. Ensure you take quotes from various property valuers in the town, then compare their rates. Select the one that provides you with the most affordable in form of money

Accurate Results

Experts will give you authentic and precise results. You should, therefore, select those that are capable enough to provide you the accurate results.

Independent valuers possess these qualities which you cannot get in real estate agents as they have a clear vision to put your property on sales listing, to generate sales and earn money. They are ready to provide the property valuation free of charge to fulfill their tasks as the written valuation report is necessary to solve legal matters. Independent valuers are the best way to value your property.