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The Benefits of a Stove Top Cover

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners find it the perfect time to redecorate and redesign their kitchen because, during the pandemic, there will be no visitor coming, making it the perfect time to experiment with your house letting it be messy and filled with new and creative ideas. This way, your home will surely stun any visiting guests once the pandemic is over.

A stove burner cover or also known as noodle boards can be a decorative addition to your home. This elegant wooden cut-out can adorn your stove and improve your kitchen’s overall look by sitting on top of your stove that will surely make it more appealing to gaze at. They are typically made with a large piece of wood customizable with your name, logo, and even pictures that add aesthetic to their overall design. Here are several benefits of adding stove top covers or noodle boards to your stove:

It Provides Resistance

Noodle Board

A noodle board is made out of wood; therefore, it won’t be a great conductor of heat, so naturally, it will be difficult to catch fire. They are incredibly versatile that can even be used for electric stoves that can have a lot of heat build-up. However, it is heat resistant which makes it practically safe. It would be best if you always exercised caution by taking care of your noodle board. Remember to turn off your stove and let it rest until the heat is completely gone and the stove has completely cooled down; then, you may proceed to cover your stovetop with the wooden board.

It Provides Protection

Your stove is liable to dents and scratches that are likely to happen even if you’re careful. A stovetop cover can help provide your stove with the protection it needs as it is designed to be anti-scratch and entirely stain-resistant. Sometimes when you are boiling something, excess liquid spillage could occur that can stain your lovely stove, thus devaluating it with unsightly marks. But if you had installed stove top covers, they can take the spillage for your stove, and due to their nature, they are effortless to clean.

It Provides Space

Stove Top Cover

Suppose you have a small kitchen or pantry area in your house, and you need the extra space to work on the ingredients or store stuff. The logical course of action would be getting yourself a countertop, right? But it will cramp up the place even more and cost you a hefty sum of money to purchase, not to mention you need to find a countertop that fits the style and color of your kitchen. The good news is that noodle boards can be a cheaper and more efficient alternative to a countertop. They don’t consume any space you had already used because they sit on top of your stove and cover them when they are not used. Also, they can give you the space that you need to work on your cooking ingredients like cutting or kneading.

Aren’t stove top covers great? They can protect your stove and also decorate them at the same time. Making them the perfect addition to your home.